AIKIDO - The Art of Harmony

"It doesn't matter how many times you fall into Aikido, the important thing is how many times you get up again" - Shihan Masafumi Sakanashi

Physical adaptability

The physical work begins with short movements, and static and strong grips (katai), to then move on to a more fluid one, then the waza work on techniques and basic movements (kihon dosa), to then move on to variations (henka waza) and applied techniques (oyo waza).

Emotional balance

The fundamental characteristic of aikido is the search for the neutralization of the opponent in conflict situations, leading to the defeat of the opponent without damaging him, instead of simply destroying or humiliating him. Emotionally speaking, aikido means using the strength of the other's emotional energy to confront him / herself, without hurting or hurting you.

Certified Degrees

CERTIFIED degrees by the Hombu Dojo of Japan. We belong to Sansuikai Internacional / Kenjoshinkan Mexico Aikido


Aikido, whose Japanese meaning is "way to harmonize energy," is a martial art and a system of self-defense that resembles Jujitsu and judo fighting methods in its use of twisting and throwing techniques and in its goal of turning the strength and momentum of the attacker against himself.

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